Win1 (USMC) Boxing Gloves

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Glove of choice for many boxing and MMA world champions.
Japanese-style multilayered protective padding system.
Ergonomic thumb position for best forming fist.
All genuine leather construction.

These gloves are beautifully decorated and embroidered with US Marine Corps imagery, and made with red and metallic gold leathers.

The Win1 Series Boxing Gloves utilize a Japanese style three-layered padding system that provides exceptional shock-absorption and protection. This particular stock glove, unlike other Win1 gloves available, has a triple cuff on the laceup option, as shown in the images.

All stock TopBoxer gloves are made with the highest quality leathers and come with our Playboy lining, a silky moisture-wicking fabric that helps provide comfort and a world class feel.
Win1 (USMC) Boxing Gloves
Win1 (USMC) Boxing Gloves
Win1 (USMC) Boxing Gloves

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