Great protection and visibility on all headguards.
Everything a professional trainer could need.


Custom Gloves $149

You pick the colors and logos and texts and we'll meet any other requests, with gloves tailor made for your training requirements. All of this is included in the price, with free worldwide shipping and made to your measurements.

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Body protectors, thai pads, punch shields, paddles and sticks and every kind of focus mitt is available through TopBoxer, made to your exact specifications and measurements, and with free worldwide shipping.

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custom guards $149

Shin guards, groin guards and headguards are all part of what we offer. We make every piece of equipment used in combat sports, whether it be in boxing or in MMA, and always with precision and care and quality materials.

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Custom made for


Hand crafted for the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

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custom topboxer mach 1 mitts, custom topboxer boxing gloves

Brandon Gibson with Cub Swanson. Photographed by Wilson Fox.


"TopBoxer is the only gear that I trust for myself, and my fighters. Top quality design and durability" - Brandon 'Sixgun' Gibson, elite striking coach at Jackson Wink MMA.

TopBoxer is in my opinion the best customized equipment in the market today - hands down!

Orlando Cuellar, renowned boxing trainer of 18 world champions.

TopBoxer made me some incredible mitts and sparring gloves which are completely custom. All sorts of different ways to make them unique and fit my personality exactly how I wanted. They have held up wonderfuly, and they were very affordable and manufactured in a timely manner. I'd recommend this brand to anyone who's serious about martial arts.

Devin Powell, UFC veteran and Nostos MMA head coach/gym owner.

What I really love about TopBoxer's brand is you get great bang for the buck. I haven't run into a pair of TopBoxer gloves or headgear that wasn't high quality.

Carlo from csquaredboxing, Youtube Review Channel

TopBoxer gear is fantastic quality and style at great value prices!

Simon from Fit2Box, Youtube Review Channel