Micro Mitts (Irish)

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Japanese style micro mitt.
Very lightyweight for precision striking.
Palm grip ball for an ergonomic hand position.
Embroidered clover symbols on the fingerhood and hitting spot.
All genuine leather construction.

The TopBoxer "Mach 1" Series Micro Mitts have quickly become one of our most popular products for both stock and custom orders, and are commonly used with world champions in both boxing and MMA.  These Japanese style micro mitts have a very lightweight design and allow coaches to work on their fighters' precision and accuracy. The indented hitting surface and padding system give great feedback on every strike, generating a satisfying and impressive noise whenever the sweet spot is hit, while still protecting the coach's hands from taking any unnecessary force.

Muhammad Irfan - head of TopBoxer - lovingly crafts all our products with high quality materials and precise attention to detail.
Micro Mitts (Irish)
Micro Mitts (Irish)
Micro Mitts (Irish)

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