Gladiator Headguard (Mexico)

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Mexican style design.
Lace-up closure for a custom fit.
Soft and moisture-wicking lining interior.
Cheek protectors for greater nose and face protection.
★All genuine leather construction.

The Gladiator headguards prove that boxers don't need to compromise between visibility and protection in their sparring gear, but instead can have both. Because of its lightweight design, it is also very much suitable for MMA sparring even when transitioning into grappling. The cheek protectors provide ample face coverage while still allowing for the wearer to have unobstructed peripheral vision, and extra padding over the ear drums helps disperse shock. The lace-up closure system and chin strap ensure a custom fit.

Muhammad Irfan - head of TopBoxer - lovingly crafts all our products with high quality materials and precise attention to detail.

Gladiator Headguard (Mexico)
Gladiator Headguard (Mexico)
Gladiator Headguard (Mexico)

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